Chattanooga Zoo delivers stuffed surprises to Erlanger kids

The Chattanooga Zoo is teaming up with Erlanger Hospital to help brighten the spirits of some very special kids.

You can now buy stuffed animals at the Chattanooga Zoo that they will then give to children with cancer.

Today they delivered a big wagon full for kids to pick out one for themselves.

Four-year-old Cezar was thrilled.

“He’s so cute,” Cezar said of his new stuffed animal. He named him Giraffey.

Cezar is one of the hospital’s Miracle Kids. They are patients who bravely fight, overcome the odds, and display a unique spirit that touches lives all around them.

Cezar has pre-b cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, and has a scheduled hospital stay every three weeks.

This week, he made a new friend from the animal kingdom.

Angela Larkins is a mother. Her four-year-old daughter was diagnosed a month ago with leukemia.

Her daughter was getting treatment when zoo workers were delivering the stuffed animals.

But Angela says her daughter’s spirits should be lifted when she wakes up.

“It’s hard to see them go through this, but the things they get, and a purple giraffe, it makes it easier for them,” Larkins said.

Zoo workers said they were happy to get on board, and this is something they plan to continue doing as long as they can.

“My staff is so excited to be part of something that really gives back to the community and puts smiles on kids faces,” Michael Kragel with the Chattanooga Zoo said.

Patients like Cezar, not only had a smile, but also a message.

“Thank you everyone,” Cezar said.

by Brandon Evans

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