Excellence is never an accident. It requires hustle, teamwork, authenticity, expertise and entrepreneurial spirit. Above all else, it requires passion. At SSA, we strive for operational excellence and unmatched ability in all that we do—externally with our partners and internally with our people.

SSA Family

SSA Team Photo

Round Table

Sean McNicholas – Chief Executive Officer

Eric Loyall – Chief Strategy Officer

Travis Kight – Chief Operating Officer

Shannon Fitzgerald – Chief People Officer

Kevin Eldredge – Chief Administration Officer

Chris McNicholas – Chief Legal Officer

Jacquelyn Sorvillo – Chief Retail Officer  

Regional VPs

Eli Grill – RVP East

Steve Wells – RVP Midwest

Jake Pugh – RVP West

Rus Murakami – RVP Pacific

Mark Kathman – RVP Mountain

Tony Smith – RVP South


Scott Lobaugh – VP of Admissions 

Michael McSparran – Senior System Analyst

Javier Sanchez – POS System Administrator

HQ Team

Mark Schroeder – Chief Financial Officer

David Goetz – EVP Client Services 

Tera Greenwood – VP Business Development

Andrew Fischer – VP Sustainability & Conservation

Dylan Harlan – HQ Executive Manager

Marna Dowling – HQ People Engagement 


Sherri Mauser – Accounting Director 

Megan Eldredge – Senior Accountant 

Tiffany English – Accounting Support

Marlina Schlueger – Accounts Payable 

Margaret Howell – Deposit Reconciliation 

Lori Parsons – Accounts Receivable 

Craig McGrath – Daily Sales Reconciliation 


Stacie Linn – Director of Audits & Controls

Jim DePinto – Revenue Reporting Manager 


Lela Manoli – Payroll Queen 

Jason Stover – VP People & Culture

Scott Schroeder – Director of Risk Management & Benefits

Kassey Kampman – VP People Operations

Katie Reinhart – Marketing


Patrick Minnihan – Director of IT 

Teddy Pacelli – System Admin 

Scott Rowzee – Systems & Services 

Kelsey White – Help Desk Analyst 

Matt Mundell – Technical Analyst


Nick Rado – Executive Vice President

Mike Marcely – VP Purchasing & Inventory 

Jake Crabtree – Corporate Executive Chef 

Scott Valentine – Project Manager 

Matthew Beaudin – Area Executive Chef 

Brad Robertson –  Area Executive Chef 

Cory Crozier – Area Executive Chef 

Jeremy Godish – Area Executive Chief 

Daron Fowler – Sr. Retail District Manager 

Neil Almalbis – Creative Director

Sabrinia Wedderburn – Resident Retail District Manager  

Lisa Banks – Resident Retail District Manager 

Dan Routh – Resident Retail District Manager 

Gretchen Currens – Director of Planning 

Carly Somma – INgroup District Manager

Dave Sarao – INgroup District Manager

Gary Gochenour – Resident District Manager

Eryan Thurston – Resident District Manager

Todd Langfield – Resident District Manager

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