Andrew Fischer

My 452 story connects to my mom and her love for hosting and entertaining family and friends for casual or holiday events. Her focus was “you are a guest in my house, you deserve to be treated with appreciation, love, and a welcoming feeling.” “Treat people like they are in your home and you want them to always have a good time.” Placing the guest first, above all else, was her priority. She always wanted them to have a great time, and in turn, it filled her with joy to know that all of her friends and family were having fun. It wasn’t a competition, just a philosophy. I have been connected in one way or another to customer service and engagement with guests – or clients – for close to 40 years now – and this belief – that guests or associates are visiting your home and that they should be welcomed and treated this way -will always be at the core of who I am. Welcome people to your “home” each day, enjoy what they bring to your day, and it will turn into more than just a job, but a fulfilling experience for all. Miss you mom.