50 years of SSA: legacy & longevity.

SSA was born from a spark in 1971 and 50 years later, we’re not slowing down.

Our Future

Our strategic plan and framework for driving growth and partner success is called thrive(3). 

With three pillars focused on sustainability, digital innovation, and IDEA + Belonging, thrive(3) is our roadmap to change the industry for the better.

Our Company Values

Our values are a promise to ourselves. A promise to continue creating something great for tomorrow, starting today. Let’s build something great, together.

SSA Values

Our Story

SSA Infographic

Our History

From NOW to 1971


50 Years of SSA

We’re celebrating 50 years of supporting zoos, museums, and other cultural attractions with unforgettable guest services, revenue generative support, and friendship. In 2020 Service Systems Associates became SSA Group, speaking to the collection of companies that allows us to bring innovation and what’s next in guest experience to our partners.


Big, Strategic Shifts

We formed the SSA Round Table — an executive team with deep roots in the various sub-industries of SSA, and a commitment to the family core of our organization.  


It’s All in the Family

Following in his father Kevin’s footsteps, Sean McNicholas joins the ownership team at SSA. We are now serving over 25 million guests each year. 


Service Systems Associates is Born

With co-founder Tim Brantley, Kevin McNicholas begins Service Systems Associates (SSA) which quickly grows to be the premier visitor services company in North America


It all Started With a Handshake

Kevin McNicholas made the first agreement to provide press box catering, souvenirs, and programs for Denver’s Mile High Stadium, followed by partnerships with the National Western Complex that same year, and the Denver Zoo, in ‘74.