Introducing our strategic plan: thrive(3)

SSA is excited to announce a brand-new initiative primarily focused on providing the best all-around experience for our guests across our 72 partnerships and preparing for the future of our ever-changing industry.

We’ve set up the groundwork for years, focusing on bundling our services around food, retail, and admissions, while leaning into being the best company in our industry that supports all revenue-generating services for the guest journey. We’ve enjoyed being in the background, building a team of experts while creating systems and services to make our partners’ goals a reality. Through these amazing partnerships with experts in various industries, we’re proud to deliver our new strategic plan to better align our work with our values and better support our partners into the future.

Today, we’re excited to introduce thrive(3), our company-wide strategy under one culture, one family, one team, and 100 percent alignment with our partners. With three pillars focused on sustainability, digital innovation, and diversity, thrive(3) is our roadmap to change the industry for the better. 

Carbon-neutrality and single-use plastic-free environments continue to be two of the most significant initiatives for our industry in the next decade, and as such, we want to be at the forefront of this movement. Our team is building a plan to conserve resources for every new and existing SSA partnership and shift the guest experience into a more sustainable journey. From plastic-free packaging in our stores to carbon-free menu items to analyzing every phase of the supply chain, we are laser-focused on making more sustainable, planet-friendly choices. This pillar specifically supports our partners’ conservation missions and positions them as leaders in sustainability.

The in-person and digital guest experience are quickly becoming different sides of the same integral coin. We’ve dedicated ourselves to creating a variety of digital opportunities to increase guest engagement, such as:

  • SPARKd – Our brand new digital guest experience technology to give patrons the ability to eat, shop, rent, plan, play, and even donate, all via their mobile device. This mobile web technology is pioneering how guests interact and purchase services and merchandise from cultural attractions.
  • Touchless and mobile ordering – We’re proud to be the first organization to launch mobile ordering and touchless shopping for our partners before 2020. We are dedicated to continuing the modernization of our food and beverage, retail, and admissions operations into the future.

As the usage of technology continues to become second-hand nature, SSA is seeking to mesh this trend with the guest experience. By capitalizing on technology that our guests are familiar with and then innovating that technology to streamline the guest experience, our guests are more than satisfied with their experience at our different partnerships.

At SSA, putting our people first is paramount to how we do business. We’re dedicating ourselves to taking this one step further by prioritizing people-first innovation with an additional layer of commitment to diversity, inclusion, equity, and access within our team, as well as across all partner venues. It’s through this approach that we’ll help our partners become vital resources to their unique communities in 2022 and into the future. Here are just a few ways we’re pushing ourselves to be better:
  • Diversifying our menu options: From supply chain partnerships to local ingredients to better supporting dietary restrictions, we’re making sure diversity is on the menu at all our partnered locations.
  • A place at the table for everyone: Our community tables, uniquely designed for SSA retail stores, will highlight local neighborhoods, bring opportunities for quiet sensory mornings and evenings, and provide a space for musical entertainment highlighting a variety of different cultures.
  • Investing in the health of our community: Mental wellness matters. We’re launching a variety of mental health and wellness services that will assist in bringing top talent to our partners.

In launching this new strategic initiative, we’re taking ownership in shaping the future of our industry into a more sustainable, digitally innovative, and diverse space for both employees and guests. We’re excited for what comes next and continue to strive to provide the best guest experience.

From our President and Owner, Sean McNicholas:
Sean McNicholas

“Whenever you go down the path of a vision, it takes a lot of people, efforts, and ideas. But beyond that, there has to also be a why behind the evolution of a company. And here’s mine: You must have a never-ending curiosity to find out what you could become. You must want to leave the world better than you found it. And you must find a way to bring the biggest future impact to the widest number of people. thrive(3) is our mission and promise to do just that.”

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