Meet Our Partner: The Konery

Who doesn’t love a waffle cone? But have you had one that is Birthday Cake flavor? Or Toasted Coconut?  

Meet The Konery, a partner to SSA and our many zoo, museum and aquarium attractions across the U.S. 10 years ago, Brooklyn-based Kristine Tonkonow created The Konery. She wanted to create cones that added a dynamic and inspiring experience to everyone’s favorite dessert, ice cream.  

At the same time, SSA Group had been working to find partners who could bring a new, interesting and innovative experience to guests.  

Since late 2021, SSA has partnered with The Konery to bring these nostalgic, kid and adult-friendly cones to zoo and aquarium guests. Starting at the Houston Zoo, moving into Milwaukee Zoo, Riverbank Zoo and Gardens, the Albuquerque Bio Park Aquarium, SSA and The Konery have grown together, now partnering to bring this fun waffle cone to guests at over 30 locations.  

Kristine shares advice related to partnerships as a small business:  

“It’s important to find the right partners, who connect to your mission and how you plan to grow. Anyone can sell a product but it’s important to sell and grow in the right places. Businesses should want partners who will advocate for what we stand for, for the quality we deliver and the fun guest experience we can create.   

And, we want to do the same. We want partners we can celebrate, differentiate and grow with.” 

What trend does Kristine see on the horizon?  

“We created the cones for ice cream, but our incredible SSA chef partners see it as so much more. It’s a vessel for savory treats too.”  

Interested in learning more about The Konery? Check out their website and follow them on social for more cone inspiration! 

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