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It takes a special individual to fly through the air at a top speed of 40 mph at over 1,200 feet above the Arkansas River on a skinny zip line cable.  And Area General Manager Todd Langfield is that individual – and this determination may be found in other aspects of Todd’s approach to his career and family.


The Colorado native graduated from Colorado State University, with a major in business and a minor in resort management.  His career path may have been decided by his first job as a teen, which was setting up banquet tables at a local Denver hotel. Todd’s degree provided him broad business-focused knowledge and skills which have transferred across all segments of the hospitality industry.  Todd started working for K-M Concessions, SSA’s sister company, in 1993.  He continued working for the company while attending college.  Todd started full-time at the Denver Zoo in 1996.  His experience includes stints at various SSA units, including General Manager at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  He was recently promoted to Area General Manager for several of the Colorado accounts.  When the Denver-based National Western Stock Show celebrates its 110th year in 2016, Todd will celebrate his 24th anniversary at the 16-day show that features professional rodeos, livestock and horse and Colorado’s largest Western Trade Show.

Believe it or not, Todd said he was excited for the upcoming Stock Show in 2016.  He looks forward to helping his employees who will be working there to grow and learn as well as doing everything and anything that’s needed.

970004_10200871923253769_1225241118_nTodd shares the responsibility for his 13-year-old son, Reily.  Even though he said he has a teenager on his hands, he enjoys helping Reily become a caring, independent and responsible person.  The duo enjoys attending local sporting events together as Todd is a big sports fan, especially of the Denver Broncos, but he also watches other NFL teams.  He said he believes that being a sports fan teaches and enforces a lot of good life qualities, such as commitment, dedication, determination, loyalty and excitement.

Todd hopes to share his favorite childhood memory of fishing on the Crystal River running through the breathtaking mountains in the heart of the Colorado Rockies with his son and his two nephews.    Highlights from this great outdoor bonding experience was fishing with many of his dad’s 11 brothers and sisters and some of his 40 first cousins.  The group would camp in the Aspen groves and evergreen forests, surrounded by 14,000-foot peaks.

Unfortunately his mother has passed away, so it’s not surprising that one of his most valuable possessions are her journals.   Todd said, ‘It’s a cool thing to see every day on the dresser, and it’s a good reminder and an inspiration to get out there and do my best every day for her.”

Todd always knew he was adopted, but he had no inclination to find his birth parents. But several years ago, his birth mother contacted him.  The two have developed a good relationship, and she’s now part of Reily’s life.

While Todd believes in working hard, he also believes in taking time for himself – usually on a golf course where he can combine outdoor exercise with social interaction.   In the summer, he plays in a local Denver-area golf league.  He has won the coveted green jacket that is awarded to the overall winner twice.  His golf partner is a friend from grade school.


His favorite destination is the Monterey Peninsula with its natural beauty – and of course, its 20 world-class golf courses.  He has played Pebble Beach, probably one of the greatest public golf courses in America, four times.  Todd explained there are few golf thrills like teeing-up where some of golf’s biggest legends have played.  “Once you start, it’s very surreal, it’s like you’re in dreamland until the round is done,” he said. Laughingly he added that he’s lost a few balls in the ocean as the course hugs the rugged Pacific Ocean coastline and has wide open views of Carmel Bay.


As much as he enjoys golf, he also enjoys listening to music. His favorite entertainer is the Dave Matthews Band.  Todd said he has seen the band in concert at least 30 times.  He travels to various venues to enjoy the lengthy improvisational performance, which is accompanied by an elaborate video and lighting show.  A college friend also enjoys the band as well as the game of golf.  The two, along with other buddies, have met in Dallas to watch championship golf at the Bryon Nelson Golf Tournament as well as to rock to music of DM Band – a perfect gate-away trip.  A highlight of this compulsion was the opportunity to spend about 30 minutes with his idol.  On the day of the performance in Denver a few years ago, he got a morning call asking if he was attending the concert that night at the Pepsi Center, Todd said yes.  He was then told it was his lucky day as he got meet Dave Mathews before the concert.  Needless to say, Todd has a framed photo of him standing with his arm around the rock star on the wall in his house.

Todd is also a movie buff.  He and his son usually see every movie they want to see when it comes out.  He shared that he likes all the super hero movies, but is a sucker for romantic comedies.  Todd quickly said he doesn’t watch those in the theater, but at home.

The self-described people person likes to stay on top of things.  He said he’s very detailed and kind of a neat freak.  “You won’t find too many things in my house out of place,” he added.  This approach, like the challenge of zipping through the air, ensures things are done correctly and promptly.

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