Service Systems Associates (SSA) To Begin Using Sustainable Plush Fill

SSA has partnered with Wild Republic to create a conservation-focused plush fill made from recycled water bottles.

SSA, the nation’s largest operator of zoo and aquarium gift shops, is proud to announce that starting in January of 2019, their core plush animal line will transition to a sustainable fill. This fill, made from 100% recycled water bottles, will be used in more than 400,000 pieces of plush going forward.

“As we continued to look for more ways to improve the sustainability of our products and the reduction of single-use plastic, we identified the plush category as an opportunity to make a significant impact. We knew for this endeavor to be successful the product needed to be, soft and cuddly, a realistic extension of our guests’ experience and at a price point in line with our retail pricing,” said Jacquelyn Sorvillo, Vice President of Merchandise. “With all of these factors in mind, we partnered with Wild Republic to find the right materials to achieve these goals.”

Together SSA and Wild Republic identified a polyester fiberfill made from 100% post-consumer PET bottles. The product complies with certified global recycling standards. The competitive cost and soft composition of this product makes the transition to sustainable plush easier than ever. By replacing the fill on their top selling product line, SSA is taking yet another step towards changing their industry.

As long-time leaders in sustainability, this move to use recycled plastic fill is no surprise. For years, SSA has strived to find innovative and cost-effective ways to be more conservation and environmentally focused. In fact, it was in 2016 when they first approached Wild Republic to partner with them to eliminate single-use plastic packaging for their toy products. Wild Republic was enthusiastic to join forces. As a company dedicated to wildlife and nature they share the environmental concerns. In 2017, SSA successfully launched their Quest toy line, thus eliminating the use of single-use plastic packaging for over 200,000 items sold. The success of this new line has inspired others to adopt SSA’s new packaging design.

About Service Systems Associates:
Service Systems Associates (SSA), is a family owned and operated company focusing on retail and culinary services for attractions across the United States. As an industry leader delivering innovative culinary and retail services with exceptional results, SSA partners with over 50 cultural attractions and serves 32 million visitors annually. Founded over 40 years ago, SSA is based in Denver, Colorado.

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