SSA Launches Innovative Self-Serve Kiosks at Cultural Attractions Across the US

Visitors to cultural attractions like the Cincinnati Museum Center, Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens and Zoo Atlanta will discover an innovative, new way to complete their food and retail purchases with the addition of self-serve kiosks. Today’s consumers are becoming more accustomed to technology being a part of their buying experience and are beginning to expect it and demand it when it comes to their retail and dining experience.  With the overall goal of enhancing the entire guest experience, including the payment process, SSA has introduced a more modern point of sale alternative to the attractions they partner with.


Always striving to find innovative ways to improve every moment of the guest experience, SSA identified an area of the guest experience that could be improved upon. With increased wait times in high volume areas to slow transaction times due to outdated technology, the existing point of sale solution was causing stress to employees and frustration to the customers they serve. Coupled with the continually increasing cost of minimum wage for employees, the traditional cash register system was no longer working for SSA and their partners.


The solution, self-serve kiosks! Self-serve kiosks have modernized the point of sale experience, improving customer experience by putting control of the buying experience in the customers’ hands. For SSA, this meant not only an improved guest experience but a flexible, unified software platform that could be used across various attractions.


SSA has introduced self-serve kiosks at multiple locations this year with additional locations being added before the end of the year. The initial launch of these self-serve kiosks increased average order sales by 20% with a 40% adoption rate within six months. This results in greater financial performance and ultimately more revenue going directly to SSA’s partners.


“We understand and know that technology is rapidly moving through the food industry. Our goal has always been to be on trend with technology, not behind it.  Being the first to launch Self-Ordering Kiosks in Zoo’s gives us that advantage.” Travis Kight – Chief Culinary Officer at SSA


The launch of self-serve kiosks is part of SSA’s larger commitment to technology and innovation to improve the overall guest experience. In addition to self-serve kiosks, SSA has brought mobile ordering systems, e-commerce platforms and innovative ticketing solutions to our partners, continuing to keep pace with consumers’ ever-changing demands.

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