National Western Center Names Fourth Floor In Honor of the McNicholas Family

SSA Group/KM Concessions embraces partnership with the National Western Center through the dedication of the fourth floor in the new Legacy Building.

Denver, CO – 2/4/20. The National Western Complex announces the dedication of the fourth floor of the new Legacy Building at the National Western Stock Show Center as the McNicholas Family Floor. The National Western Complex is going through a massive renovation with the addition of the Legacy building which will be the new headquarters to the National Western Stock Show.

The partnership between the McNicholas family and the National Western Stock Show spans almost 50 years. In 1971, Kevin and Mary McNicholas started what’s now known as KM Concessions and SSA Group (SSA) through a handshake agreement to provide programs, souvenirs, and catering at Denver’s Mile High Stadium. That same year, they launched their longstanding partnership with the National Western Stock Show. SSA has been providing culinary and retail services for the National Western Stock Show ever since.

SSA remains a family business to this day with Sean McNicholas (Kevin and Mary’s son) as President and CEO and Shannon Fitzgerald (Kevin and Mary’s daughter) as Chief People Officer. Both continue to embrace the humble beginnings of SSA and treasure the continued growth with great partners like the National Western Stock Show.

SSA is honored to continue to invest in their partnership with the National Western Stock Show through their contribution to the Legacy Campaign. Contributions have included food, service, and rentals at Honoring the Legacy campaign events. SSA is thrilled these donations have helped the campaign save funds that will go into their new facilities.

“National Western Center has been a pillar in the Colorado community for over 100 years. We couldn’t be more proud to support an organization that empowers our agriculture and livestock sector and embodies the spirit of the West through scholarships, education, entertainment and community” said Sean McNicholas, President and CEO of SSA.

The McNicholas Family Floor will be a permanent, prominent manifestation of that pride. The National Western Center Club and the entire top floor of the Legacy Building will be a showplace – it really is the pinnacle, both literally and figuratively, to the Legacy Building.

About SSA Group:

SSA Group is a family owned and operated company focusing on retail and culinary services for attractions across the United States. As an industry leader delivering innovative retail and culinary services with exceptional results, SSA partners with approximately 60 cultural attractions and serves well over 40 million visitors annually. Founded almost 50 years ago, SSA is based in Denver, Colorado.

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