Our People First, Always

As a family-owned and operated business, our employees’ wellbeing has been top of mind since our inception. Taking care of each other is one of the most important things we do at SSA. And when it comes to our people and their mental health, we’re always trying to bring our employee resources to the next level. As employer-provided mental health services become more of the norm, we want to reiterate the work we’ve already been implementing for the past four years and the steps we’re taking to continue improving our employees’ well-being long after the pandemic ends.

A growing crisis

Nearly two years after COVID-19 struck the globe, employees around the world are approaching the work they do with a new perspective on what it means to be both in an office as well as on the frontlines. The pandemic was difficult regardless of your personal circumstances and it also highlighted an accelerated need for mental health support from employers to their people.

With nearly 4.4 million people quitting their jobs since last September, a major theme coming out of this mass resignation is the desire for employers to provide better and more holistic mental health benefits. According to a recent survey from Lyra Health, 84 percent of the individuals they interviewed said mental health benefits are important when considering a new job and 59 percent said they would stay at a job if it provided those benefits.

At SSA, we’re proud to be a company that’s already been working on these types of well-being initiatives to attract future talent and offer our current employees the most support for their mental health. In partnership with Behavioral Essentials, who specialize in creating work cultures that support the personal and professional development of employees, we are excited to continue to offer our employees the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive health & wellness programming focused on every element of an employee’s wellbeing from physical, to mental, to financial health. We are committed to creating a culture that celebrates, talks about, communicates, and promotes a weekly practice of mental health and wellness for every employee
  • Employee assistance program for FTBE team members with up to three free counseling sessions
  • Individual and team coaching services
  • Triage support for managers, ensuring team members get routed to immediate local resources in lieu of emergency situations
  • Financial wellness resources and access to earned but unpaid wages before payday
Committed to caring for our people

We believe that employers have a responsibility to ensure their employees feel supported not just in the work they are doing for their company, but how they feel about that work, as well as their well-being outside the office.

Learn more about how Behavioral Essentials can help incorporate mental health resources into your own organization here.

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