SSA Works with Verdis Group to Develop Climate Action Plan

SSA Group, an award-winning provider of visitor amenities, has announced that it recently partnered with leading sustainability consultant Verdis Group, in order to develop a Climate Action Plan for the company.

This highlights SSA’s commitment to sustainability and will begin a company-wide effort to put in place a Climate Action Plan, including a Net-Zero Pathway. In recent years, the company has taken big steps to create more planet-friendly operations. Now, it is exploring the wider impacts that its operations can have on the global environment, enabling it to build on and expand its efforts.

Taking sustainability seriously

“Sustainability is a key pillar to both SSA and our partners and while we have made great strides towards more sustainable operations, we were looking to make an even bigger impact and knew we needed experts to help us get there,” says Eric Loyall, chief strategy officer, SSA Group.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Verdis Group on our Climate Action Plan which will continue to build on all of the great sustainability actions we do, while also enabling a higher goal of regeneration.”

This move shows that SSA is taking seriously its responsibility to manage its impact on the world. The first step in achieving this goal is to develop a baseline, finding out where the company is now in order to then develop a vision for the future.

SSA’s Climate Action Plan will cover many aspects of the company’s operations across all of its partner locations and will provide an overview of its carbon footprint and other impacts. From this, SSA will determine its vision and goals for the coming years and will set out how it intends to achieve them.

Verdis Group’s sustainability planning and implementation work is focused on operational and behavioural opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, attain greater energy and water efficiency, reduce waste, increase recycling and composting, promote active transportation, enhance local food systems, build social equity, enhance wellness, and build climate resiliency.

Last month, SSA Group, announced that it has been helping a leading aquarium in the US to dramatically reduce waste. As a result, Monterey Bay Aquarium in California has now transformed its gift shop to be completely free of single-use plastic packaging.

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