SSA Group Announces Sustainable Retail Collection for Zoos

Marine Layer Partnership

SSA Group, an award-winning provider of visitor amenities, has announced a new partnership with Marine Layer.

One of the first venues to benefit from the deal is Los Angeles Zoo, which will stock items from Marine Layer’s Re-Spun collection. The product range is the end result of a unique recycling program which transforms used and unwanted t-shirts, breaking them back down into yarn ready to be utilized in new products.

Minimizing Waste

To date, the Re-Spun initiative has recycled more than 400,000 clothing products, with donors being granted financial credit for each item donated. The result is a closed-loop, fully circular, zero-waste process.

Whilst cotton shirts are easier to recycle into new clothing, those that cannot be used are repurposed for other uses such as housing insulation or fishing nets.

As has been seen with a large number of the company’s recent projects, SSA Group actively seeks retail partners such as Marine Layer, that demonstrate sustainable and regenerative methods of production. 

Recyclable Fixtures

Helping the Californian venue to maintain top sustainability practices, the Marine Layer collection can be found on retail fixtures produced by Cartonlab, an eco-design firm that promotes cardboard as a practical furniture material.

Founded in 2010, Cartonlab was founded by Moho Architect Studio to utilize the versatile, resistant, light and ecological qualities of card for event architecture and product design.

The new collection at Los Angeles Zoo features apparel for both men and women, in the form of attraction-branded and unbranded products.

SSA Group has also confirmed it will release a Marine Layer collection at Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo later this month.

Earlier this year, SSA Group further cemented its focus on positive mental health and well-being through its partnership with Behavioral Essentials, an organization that specializes in creating supportive work cultures. It has also entered into a new partnership with Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, US, where it will be working to provide and update integrated food, catering and retail services.

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