ICYMI AZA Mid-Year Conference

With another AZA Mid-Year in the books, we reflect on the amazing partnerships, connections and conversations from the week. Here are some of our highlights:
Zoo Day at Oklahoma City Zoo

Partners Since 2021

Pre-Conference Tour at Sedgwick County Zoo

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Post-Conference Tour at Tulsa Zoo

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SSA + Canopy Strategic Partners Launch Initial Survey Results

Canopy Strategic Partners and SSA Group announced some of the initial results from their research study, conducted by Global Aspect Human Capital Advisors, titled “Barriers and Opportunities facing Women in Leadership and People of Color in AZA” during AZA Mid-Year.

Some key takeaways include:

  • The results of the survey reveal a number of strengths within AZA organizations. 93% of respondents understand how their work contributes to the success of the mission and enjoy the work they do, 92% reported feeling pride for working in their organization, and 89% have strong work relationships.
  • Along with these strengths, the study identified many opportunities within these organizations. For example, just half of the respondents felt their leadership could manage a diverse workforce and half of the respondents agreed that promotions and assignments are based on fair and objective assessments. Less than half of the respondents agreed that their hiring practices focus on attracting diverse candidates.

While initial results from the survey were shared during AZA Mid-Year, Canopy Strategic Partners and SSA Group will continue the study with focus group sessions over the next two months. A final report will be presented during AZA Annual in September, followed by recommended action steps co-developed by the zoo and aquarium community to support upward mobility for women and people of color.

Supporters of this project include Monterey Bay Aquarium, Verdis Group, Behavioral Essentials, St. Louis Xoo, Detroit Zoological Society, and Global Aspect Human Capital Advisors, as well as the AZA Board of Directors and numerous AZA leaders who provided valuable support and expert guidance during the development of this project.

Green Summit

Brian Albaum, Director of Culinary Sustainability, and Andrew Fischer, VP of Sustainability and Conservation speak on Waste and Resiliency at Green Summit.

SSA + Our Partners are Better Together!
Thanks to our SSA + AZA Committee Members

Scott Lobaugh – Trends Committee 

Jason Stover – Diversity Committee 

Jacki Sorvillo – Business Operations 

Andrew Fischer – Sustainability 

Can't wait to see you at AZA Annual!

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