Culinary Snapshot: Local, Global and Sustainable

Local, yet global and sustainable – these are a few dining trends from the latest National Restaurant Association Culinary Forecast. We’re proud to partner with zoos, aquariums and museums across the country to innovate in this space.  

We’re driving sustainable programs: 
Compostable Serviceware
Over 9 months, we have purchased 126,250 pounds of compostable serviceware from US Foods which includes plates, bowls, deli containers, cups, cutlery, and straws – helping to bring awareness to compostable options and keep material out of the landfills.  
Compostable Popcorn Bags
Since June 2022, we have purchased 139,000 compostable popcorn bags to be used across our partner organizations.
Edible Food Recovery
SSA has edible food recovery programs at 5 locations across the United States: National Western, Florida Aquarium, Cincinnati Zoo, MoPop, and Columbus Zoo, resulting in more than 10,000 pounds of edible food that has been directed to hungry people in these communities.  
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We’re keeping it local:
Local Flavors
At Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, our Culinary teams feature menu dishes inspired by local ingredients – green chiles, Colorado beef and bison, and local honey.  
Local Partners
At The Florida Aquarium in Tampa, our Culinary teams are proud to partner with Sun Shrimp, a Florida shrimp farm located just 130 miles away from the Aquarium.  
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And, we’re spicing it up!
South American Flavors
Denver Zoo’s new Café Costa is bringing Argentinian food to guests.
Mediterranean Flavors
We’re testing new flavors like Mezze bowls and Moroccan chicken wraps. Some SSA menus across the country feature Chard Chili Aioli, a Hot Maple Chili-Glazed Chicken sandwich and an Argentian Chiropan.
Culinary Inspiration
At our recent 2023 Culinary Summit, we spent time with over 40 of our chefs from across the country, reviewing new and creative recipes that feature international flavors created using familiar ingredients.
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Let’s talk if you want to keep testing some new dining concepts, that keep guests engaged and are good for our communities!  

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