New Faces of SSA Digital

SSA Team Retreat

Meet the New Faces of SSA Digital

We’re builders. Innovators. People who get the job done by recognizing where to get started. In an effort to continue making digital a priority within our thrive(3) program, we’re building out an entire digital team to better support our long-term goals. 

We’ve brought on five experts to lead our digital team into the future by making innovation a priority today. Below they’ll discuss their new roles at our organization, what makes them personally thrive, and where they see the future of the cultural attraction going

“I’m proud to introduce you to the team helping us build on SSA’s future in digital innovation. Our team is focused on introducing technology that adds to and supports the overall guest experience.”

— Ben Dunton, Executive Vice President, SSA Digital

Meet the rest of the team…

Digital innovation is integral to our three-pronged approach to success at SSA. We’re delighted to bring these experts on board to help build out our roadmap to change the industry for the better. Learn more about our digital innovation efforts so far here.

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