Year in Review: Our Top Content from 2022

Year in Review

As 2022 draws to a close, many organizations are reflecting on their past year and priorities to come in the year ahead. While we’re certainly proponents for driving revenue for our partners, some of our best content from this previous year was all about how we’re also pushing to be better advocates to our partners, our community, and our world.

Here are our top four pieces from 2022 and what they mean for our company (and for you!) in 2023.

1. Providing value beyond the business as usual

This year, we introduced our thrive(3) strategic plan which includes three pillars focused on sustainability, digital innovation, and diversity. With the launch of this new program, we’re making it our number one priority to deliver the best all-around experience for our guests across more than 80 partnerships.

What this means for you: The sky is the limit! We’re so excited to have a hand in shaping the future of our industry into a more sustainable, digitally innovative, and diverse space for partners, employees, and guests. We’re excited for what comes next and continue to strive to provide the best guest experience for you and your guests!

2. The leaders who are going to get us there

In order to get thrive(3) off the ground and moving in the right direction, we strategically partnered with industry experts across all three pillars to help us meet the lofty goals we plan to enact this upcoming year and beyond. Meet the experts helping us improve the cultural attraction industry from the inside out.

What this means for you: We’ve partnered with the best in the business helping you reach your mission goals.

3. The top trends of 2022

Knowing what comes next is as important as it is interesting! Our trends piece from this previous year was no exception. From ghost kitchens to self-serve technology options, here were our top predictions in the food, retail, and admissions space in 2022.

What this means for you: Watch out for our new piece on 2023 trends to watch in the cultural attraction space, coming out sometime in the next few months!

4. People first, always

While putting our people first is a top value of ours at SSA, it also delighted us to see that it’s the kind of content you want to read as well. Bottom line? Mental health matters at home and at work. And as an organization, we’ve been taking a variety of steps over the last few years to continue improving our employees’ well-being across the board.

What this means for you: As employer-provided mental health services become a greater priority, the benefits are tenfold. Having happy and healthy employees make our partner attractions great places to work and in turn creates a better guest experience.

An exciting future for the cultural attraction industry.

What are you excited to hear more about in our industry in 2023? Drop us a line and help us serve you better by pushing out the content you want to know more about. 

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